Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why the blackout?

Once again there is an extended period of time between posts. That is because plenty has happened in the last 2 and a half months. Lot's and lots. So much that tonight is the first night free from all the things happening. I was so busy, I tried to make sure I had as relaxing weekends as possible. As it turns out I failed from my list of weekend activities:

20-21st Apr: Dinner with school friends, Coffee with work friends, Haircut
27-28th Apr: MRCS Revision
4-5th May: Working nights (8pm-10am)
11-12th May: Working days (8am-9pm), Travel to Sheffield for MRCS Part B
18-19th May: Lash with work friends, Harry Potter land for birthday
25-26th May: Football end of season party, Trip to London for University Football Reunion Game & Champions league final
1-2nd June: 2nd on call (8am-1pm), Hospital with Mrs
8-9th June: Finsbury Park for Stone Roses
15-16th June: Auntie & Uncle silver wedding anniversary party
21-23rd June: Brother in law's stag weekend in Wales.
28-30th June: Working Nights (8pm-10am)
6-7th July: Working days  (8am-9pm), Spa with wife for her birthday
13-14th July: Friday night out with cousin, Baby shower
20-21st July: University friend's stag weekend in Cornwall
27-28th: 2nd on call, wife booked in on Sunday night for induction of labour
3-4th Aug: Sister's wedding, Wife discharged from hospital
10th Aug - 2034?: Looking after child

So the last few months have included a new job in a new city, passed my MRCS, went on 2 stags, attended my sister's wedding and the birth of a new baby boy. All of which could be worth a post on their own. That's not to mention the football, the cricket, the NRL, the NHS "bailout" and a whole myriad of other events which have just passed me by in the last 3 months.

So, I'm still here, just a standard surgical trainee (for the moment) looking forward to that great challenge, which most people tend to undertake, called parenthood. I have been very worried about how I would fare as a new parent, whether I would notice if he was ill, whether he would grow up to be a good boy, whether I'm giving him the right amount of food. Then I look at some of the parents who manage to have children that live past age 5 and worry a little less.

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  1. Well done on all and congrats on the baby boy Scott.
    The days of worry and sleepless nights pass and soon become a distant memory as the little'n becomes a bundle of joy.
    Congrats again.
    Anna :o]